The DX (Drive Xtra) programme is aimed predominantly at young drivers and those with limited driving experience to help them gain the vital skills they need to protect themselves, and others on the road.

The programme gives young drivers invaluable information and experience on how to control a car in extreme conditions, in any prevailing circumstance. It re-creates ‘realistic’ everyday driving scenarios that young drivers will face and provide them with the knowledge to improve their reactions and driving ability and stay safe on the road.

DX will dramatically reduce the number of road incidents and consequently reduce the number of injuries and fatalities as a result of driver error.

DX will help reduce the maintenance and everyday running costs of the car.

And DX will ultimately be working towards reducing insurance premiums for young and inexperienced drivers**.

The courses


A three hour classroom and
on-road programme

DX features an interactive and informative classroom session that deals with all the current issues that young drivers face today.

The in-car dynamics and on-road tuition element introduce and put into practice the skills the drivers will need in their everyday driving lives.

Escorted by our professional instructors, drivers will take to the road and receive expert one-to-one tuition and advice on how to position their vehicles to deal with any eventuality.

The course lasts three hours and is certificated on successful completion by UCC.


A full day classroom, on-road
and off-road/on-track programme
£249.00 PER PERSON

DX Dynamics features all of the DX elements along with a totally unique dynamic element allowing drivers to properly put into practice all they have learnt in a completely safe, controlled environment that simply cannot be replicated on-road.

The programme includes incident avoidance techniques, ABS training and realistic motorway scenarios.

DX uses our existing highly successful and proven training platform, EPD (Excellence in Professional Driving) as the foundation to this part of the programme where we re-create several real-life dynamic driving situations for drivers to deal with.

This is a full day course and is cerficated on successful completion by UCC.

The experts

DX is the brainchild of British motor-sport legend Robb Gravett, founder of Ultimate Car Control the only fully compliant, off-road/on-track based advanced driver training company in the country.

Robb Gravett, is a former British Touring Car Champion and winner of numerous races and car championships across the world.

Years of success at the top of international motorsport has meant Robb has been able to re-invest his skills to develop DX as part of EPD – Excellence in Professional Driving – a unique training programme to protect drivers at every level of risk.