Ultimate Car Control is an advanced Driver Training company founded by Robb Gravett, former British Touring Car Champion, British Racing Driver of the Year and Chamber of Commerce Sportsman of the Year.

Ultimate Car Control delivers a range of unique, dynamic driver training courses designed for all driving needs, from high mileage, business fleet drivers to owners of high performance and prestige vehicles, and Special Operational Vehicles. From businesses to members of the public and VIP's, Athletes, and Celebrities.

We are passionate about improving road safety and reducing incident rates. All our programmes empower drivers to gain enhanced car control and allow greater enjoyment and appreciation of the vehicles you drive. The programmes instil a level of car control that helps protect the driver and all those around them.

A selection of our courses include:

Scroll down for links to more details on the EPD and DEK courses, else for more information on our full range of courses please contact us on 0845 4591002 to discuss your requirement.

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